They can learn

They can learn This is a very interesting things.

They can learn and show in the school with the following explanation.

Then everything with joy will study natural public nauki Human development from to Pure pleasure physics and tricks together!

This is a real school magic, unlike the school of Harry Potter.

Psychology distinguishes one type of fantasy to imagine what will happen with inanimate object after a action or purchase of a property.

This is considered the basis for development of the ability to feel another.

If we cancel, time will rwsem the child the feeling that he would like to develop in the future and to aggravate.

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If the column

If the column For example, game for the senior group A brood hen and box shun it is impossible to carry out with all group, as a column should not exceed the children linked with each other people.

If the column is too long, the kite will easily seize the last chicken; besides, the column with the linked children will be razra to vatsya.

In some games with a lazaniye also cannot to participate at the same time all children, as they not on mestitsya on devices for a lasagna, and it is difficult for the tutor will be to follow each child.

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Children They want to show that they are proud of the family, want that all paid attention to what they that they are able, to that want to learn what see the class.

There are children it is very difficult for them to feel the community with others.

Children from the low selfassessment, timid or diffident are afraid that other people can find their weaknesses.

Therefore they try to keep away from all.

Often at them already is negative experience and it it is necessary to learn long and gradually to trust schoolmates and to the teacher.

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The caught

The caught In a case neob hodimost, children can help a tree.

For example, if tree small to tie him to a peg.

In a weekend children tell about the trees.

Game Let's Think of Kindness Children get up in a circle.

To each of them in turn teacher ki gives a ball in hands.

The caught ball calls any kind the person also explains, why he kind.

For example mine sest ra kind because she plays every day with me and pomo gat to me.

When all children tell about these or those kind people, pe dagog asks any of children to list all kind lyu dy about which friends told it.

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Instruction The group rallies, children become vigorous and the cheerful.

This exercise can serve as good preparation for thematic occupations, demanding from children of a certain intuition.

When children sufficiently seize game, they will be able to use in it any images, including connected with a training material.

Instruction Break, please, into groups on six people in everyone.

Meanwhile you get up in the center of a class.

Now all of us together form one huge star.

Everyone the group has to become one of beams of this star, for this purpose you will need to sit down on a floor in one row, one after another, having turned a back to me.

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Only it is a pity

Only it is a pity And after all were at the guy and Happiness, and Mind.

Only it is a pity they changed the mister, zapluta foxes it is not known where here it and became silly.

Long the Happiness and Mind of the fellow traveled about in this world, nako not c incidentally met with each other.

Hi, the brother Um, having smiled, said Schas to tya.

We dispersed in different directions, the friend about the friend and forgot.

What did you zapropat?

Yes as well as you, with a smile answered Mind.

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Questions It sometimes surprises us Admires, inspires.

It is a pity that it irritates, If asks for trouble.

Questions and tasks How you think, whether there can be a mind superfluous?

Why people are irritated sometimes by clever councils?

Every day life adds a part of wisdom In life wisdom conducts us, Every day it grows.

After it and we grow Also we grow wiser every day.

We look for a wise advice The wise we give answers, With wisdom we run business, We listen to wisdom in everything.

Questions and tasks Remember the most wise advice of parents.

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