Yes, but how this

Yes, but how this She needs to talk with the child taking into account the two sides, from both directions, and to explain to him that this can to do, and it is impossible, even if before it is innocent the baby.

Yes, but how this develops love for neighbor?

He begins to feel that you need to open attitude to people through two channels good and evil.

And then in the same way he will treat environment, because the mother is also Wednesday, the related good and bad.

And then he will be easy to enter in any society.

So, you have to first install the limits?

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Material', on six boxes

Material', on six boxes Track exercise for eyes where the butterfly departed.

To raise eyes up, from top to bottom, to the right, to the left.

Distinction of smells Purposes to develop feelings of sense of smell; to learn to compare smells, to distinguish them and to call that it; to develop the speech.

Material', on six boxes in two boxes about sharply groin nushchy substances coffee, garlic, orange, spirits, lekarst va a valerian.

Preliminary work individually each child to teach how to smell, inhaling through a nose, to compare smells.

Occupation course Children get up in a circle, hands are built one after another, on a belt, go, putting a heel to a sock.

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When the fire

When the fire And we with the grandfather will cut off him on the other hand ordered the man also disappeared together with the grandfather in a smoke.

Fire managed to be put out by a lunch.

Burned out small learning coast drain with young sosenka.

Fortunately, behind sosenka the stream flew, and fire was not thrown on the wood.

When the fire was extinguished, the grandfather ordered Now all on houses, I do not allow you to remain here.

Children silently curtailed tent, collected things and left together with the man.

The grandfather, I a fire did not extinguish yesterday it a prizna las Alina.

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Children Kittens too the plane; from a reverse side buttons or flypapers.

It is better to make kittens of a dense thick woolen cloth, felt.

External the party is sheathed by other material of the suitable color corresponding colors of kittens.

Children joyfully bear kittens to mother and.

develop the inept fingers, trying to attach kittens on a panel.

The adult comments, prompts, a little bit helps.

There were my kittens!

They after all such small.

Thanks, children!

Murka speaks.

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Then driving

Then driving As soon as the ball is caught by the driving it is not important since summer or from a rebound from the earth, driving ig the fate shouts Shtander, a shtander stop!

, and all ostal ny players have to stand on a place.

Then driving calls quantity of steps to this or that ig fate can also approach it, taking steps to Ob the caught length.

Than more precisely driving to Oprah the distance delyatsya and than closer it will approach sya to the player, those his throw will be more exact.

There are some kinds of steps, in which the distance is measured.

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By means of this

By means of this When carrying out game the tutor watches that, that children did not stand still, and jumped.

If the playing more than people, it is possible to enter two driving.

By means of this game the tutor develops at ty dexterity, determination.

Children practise in long jumps from a place.

Do not remain on a floor on the earth Description of game In various places of a platform room, closer to its borders, subjects high are placed cm which children have to climb up ladders with steps, the boards put on an eminence low boxes, benches it is not less than cm of breadth ache.

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