During games

During games Teacher's tasks Offering children of your class interactive games, you thereby give them absolutely special time.

During games children have opportunity to receive new impressions, get social experience also communicate with each other not as during the usual school at all lives.

Enrich your communication with warmheartedness, keenness and respect.

After carrying out games suggest children to analyse and discuss the experience got by theM. Every time emphasize the value of the conclusions drawn by children.

First offer games.

The more children with you will play, the they will be more often to ask you to hold some certain games which to them seem necessary now, for example We want such game in which it is possible to learn to settle disputes, etc.

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He can choose

He can choose At me everything perfectly turned out!

Instruction Sit down, please, in one general circle.

In the center of our circle we will put free chair.

I want to suggest you to play game under the name Friendly Interview.

One of you can sit down on the chair standing in the middle of a class if feels desire to answer some questions of friends.

He can choose on the discretion of two more pupils who in turn will set to it on one two questions.

For example That you love is?

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Flexibility Maybe that's why it will be more compliance?

No, this is not in question.

Flexibility the concept of our selfish lexicon.

In spirituality, there is no need to give up, because all desires, achievements and sensations General, there is no distinction between my and yours, and there is a General sense.

This approach provides some content for me?

On see that I fill someone, and he is me.

This is my satisfaction?

Part one We will never be able to come to the full satisfaction and fulfillment, if we do it for ourselves.

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If at it it turned

If at it it turned If at it it turned out, it enters a circle also joins to other running, rubbed the singing assumes a role of a lame fox.

And the gra proceeds until all not will visit in this role.

about D I the correct conducting game it is necessary for l to meet the following conditions children, louse of piece sh iye in a circle, have to, run Lish in it and not to go beyond the outlined line, except that, participating, the whether chosen lame sy, Lish on one foot has to run.

About & In And N of m about r to sh and d e l d and N y The stock is absent.

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When mother

When mother But now he told that it is more important to give these paints to you.

The woman put Ksyushe's package and left.

The girl returned to the apartment and developed a package.

Kra gray paints and attracted something to draw.

Ksyusha got brushes, an album and drew mother's darling rose.

When mother came back home in the evening, drawing hung on a wall.

The daughter, you are the real artist.

My rose yet not blossomed, and on yours already revealed flower with a velvet sty petals mother admired.

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Methodical Methodical instructions on drawing up the correctional program for work with hyperactive children Appendix .

The Korrekiionny program for work with hyperactive children Appendix .

The organization of educational process taking into account psychophysiological features pupils Appendix .

Rules for parents and tutors on interaction with the hyperactive children Appendix .

Methodical instructions on carrying out training for parents with children Appendix .

The program of training for parents with children.

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Children open

Children open Occupation course Children enter the room, get up around under a gentle music.

Then approach tables.

The teacher shows different doors, offers posmot to ret what they beautiful and to pay attention that locks on them different.

It is necessary to open them, there waits that for that the interesting.

Children open halves of fabrics, find behind them what nibud surprise for example, toys from paper the boat, la gushka etc.

The teacher watches actions of children, helps those, for whom it is difficult.

To the one who consulted quickly, changes doors framework.

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  • If other participants agree with the offer, the one who was called by children, receives an additional counter a counter for additional merits there can be slightly bigger size or other color, than that, which is given out by the psychologist.Appendix THE CORRECTIONAL PROGRAM FOR WORK WITH HYPERACTIVE CHILDREN The approximate plan of carrying out occupations calculated on the first is given below halfyear.The detailed description of all stages is submitted only in the first and second occupations.Games and exercises which are given without description and which names occur in the plan the subsequent occupations, it is possible to find in our previous works of Lyutov E.
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