Fresh chewed

Fresh chewed Quickly turned back At sunset returned.

Fresh chewed gingerbread Strong washed down with tea … Long Sonya turtle In kitchen of soap the cup.

lines we open a palm and slowly we go fingers on a table, imitating the movements of a turtle.

With the second palm it is covered the first, representing an armor.

lines we put a palm the boat, close fingers of other hand we stroke inside of the imagined cup.

We repeat game, changing functions of hands.

Snail on a path Let out horns.

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Children Because parents can understand not so.

That parents did not shout.

Because they want the life.

That parents did not ask excess questions.

Because children should get out of any situation.

Children are afraid of reaction of parents.

It is very heavy to children to tell something.

Are afraid of punishment and do not trust.

Because children know the answer of parents, and it is not pleasant to theM. Because children do not want to upset parents.

Because children want to arrive on the.

At children is what to hide.

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Each child

Each child Children get up in a circle and in turn call the friend friend any tender words.

For example warm sol nyshko, fluffy cloudlet, cheerful hare.

Each child repeats the tender word told it by the neighbor and then on zyvat any other tender word of the following on to circle of the person.

At the end of the game the teacher discusses with children that they pochuv stvoval when presented them tender words.

Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation List everything that happens sensitive.

Sensitive person, sensitive smile, sensitive hands, sensitive character, sensitive look, sensitive touch.

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The girl

The girl In the yard the girlfriend treated her with honey gingerbread, but it too could not be got to the core.

The girl began to cry and ran out on the street.

It's no use to cry over spilled milk.

What happened?

heard the girl a goodnatured voice also saw before herself the grandfather with stick in hands and with a backpack behind shoulders.

Nobody will help me.

I so want a hlebushka, but I cannot to eat bittocks, falteringly sobbing, the girl of races told about the trouble.

Clearly, means to us with you on the way.

I just went for go the sort to greet a wheat field and to tell thanks to it for a new crop, the grandfather explained.

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And Games

And Games Small fishes surround a circle from all directions and kr chat Rybachok, a rybachok, catch us on a hook!

Ry a tank swells up, you runs from a circle and py it is thawed dogn to at ry a side, razbezhavsh they are Q sya on all ploshch to an adka.

That ry bka, which Alya the first floodplains, becomes to fisherwomen.

And Games of N and sh and x Jedushlk.

and woman sh l of a kzala, е$ mink of> Stock about tsutstvo uye t.

On all ploshch to an adka r and I put t circles by number of participants of game mi N mustache .

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Here it also

Here it also.

I was drove in a tree wedge, and everything went perfectly and the damned piece of wood appeared too slippery and unexpectedly took off back.

I not managed to jump aside, and jammed my fine white beard, as if vice.

Here it also got stuck in a crack, and I, how many I fight, I cannot escape.

Yes you that laugh, fatcheeked little fools?

Fie, and it is opposite to look at you!

Girls very much tried to help the dwarf, but vysvobo they did not manage to dit his beard in any way very strong clamped it in a crevice.

I will run, I will call people, Krasnozorka told.

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On unimpaired

On unimpaired on unimpaired links of activity on new, kompen satorny beginnings; stagebystage formation of intellectual actions on To P.


Galperin work on each type of a task in certain sequence; ^ R and z in and t and e fonematichesny perception at children of early age ^> j of RFU Logopedist's Biblioteia the accounting of a zone of the next development on JI.C.

To Vygotsky, I.e.

the accounting of that level, on which performance of a task a cart it is possible with the dosed help from the adult; material complications gradual inclusion is difficult sty in correctional work.

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  • If other participants agree with the offer, the one who was called by children, receives an additional counter a counter for additional merits there can be slightly bigger size or other color, than that, which is given out by the psychologist.Appendix THE CORRECTIONAL PROGRAM FOR WORK WITH HYPERACTIVE CHILDREN The approximate plan of carrying out occupations calculated on the first is given below halfyear.The detailed description of all stages is submitted only in the first and second occupations.Games and exercises which are given without description and which names occur in the plan the subsequent occupations, it is possible to find in our previous works of Lyutov E.
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