In some games

In some games In some games cast is entered between children for example, in the game Geese Swans is available shepherd, wolf, geese.

In average group games are also given, I accompany shchiyesya the text, and execution of the text can be the choral; for example, in the games At a Bear in Pine Forest, the Feather bezhka, We are cheerful children, etc.

The text gives a rhythm to the movement, helps development of the speech in children; termination the text serves often as a signal to the termination of actions or by the beginning of new movements.

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May his comrades, first

May his comrades, first It has the feeling of the surroundings.

Human development from to Therefore, all the fears that occur in children between three years old and above can be solved with the help of the environment.

Only want to know how to do it.

Take, for if the measure, the same fear of the dark.

May his comrades, first go into the dark the room, though he would go with theM. Let start there to run, jump, go crazy.

It will destroy their fear of the dark.

I'm preparing games for children.

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And in mine

And in mine Addressing to personal experience of children, make active memoirs about the wood in which found cones.

And there are cones?


The tutor, pointing to a blue rectangle, continues conversation Here at me the blue sea if this concept is not familiar to the baby, small river and berezhok.

In the sea and on a berezhka there are stones, beautiful cockleshells.

And in mine the sea they are?


Let's put them in the sea and on a berezhok.

Girls can to display cones, and boys stones.

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Analysis of exercise

Analysis of exercise Repeat this game after a while again.

Analysis of exercise How you think, would notice a class your absence?

Why each pupil in a class is important?

How you show to other children, what they are important for you?

Whether you know all schoolmates on names?

Whose names you did not remember yet?

rehearsal of an orchestra GAME since years Purposes In this game each child has an opportunity to give vent to the emotions, podirizhirovav the imagined orchestra.

This exercise encourages children and creates at them feeling of close connection with other pupils.

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It called

It called It angered mother even more.

It called the father the loser, a pettiness, to a bezdarye and Wad Dra gy same flatter epithets.

The father told only one phrase Probably, you are right, but I love archeology.

Also went to institute, having left in a huff.

I do not want you to see any more shouted after it mother also began to cry.

Now mother sat with a gloomy face before telev zor.

Mothers, I think that to be the scientist it healthy osto rozhno began conversation the son.

Yes, it is healthy mother again became angry.

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Interviewer the days When the children in the class punished, this is not very helpful.

Interviewer Why?

Human development from to D.

Suppose I interfere with the teacher on the lesson.

If the teacher punishes me, I only mad at hiM. Presenter You say about yourself?

Are you angry at the teacher?



Interviewer But you no longer interfere with the lesson?

Only tell the truth.



Moderator But why?

It is clear that if again hurt you again punished.


But I too get annoyed and sometimes make spite of the teacher.

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The best

The best If someone from children was frightened, stop game at once.

Perhaps, your movements were frighteningly fast, or you did not acquaint the kid with attributes before game, and they caused in him such reaction.

The best exit to suggest the little coward most to become veterochok at game repetition.

The active and developed child too will like to be veteroch koM. If you leave a sultanchik at the disposal of children, somebody will surely want to play on own initiative with it and here already kids and then more!

again run, are turned among the gold leaf fall.

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