You express

You express Notes with love GAME since years Purposes By means of this exercise you as the teacher will be able to create the favorable in a class psychological atmosphere.

You express to children the respect and show that you notice their positive behavior and deeply appreciate it.

It is best of all to carry out this exercise once a week.

Cut out for this purpose from a cardboard various figures red apples, gold coins, green leaves, maybugs and so on.

Each child will receive once in week such color symbol with a short written compliment.

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The child will

The child will Silvery whitebaits in to transparent water, red fantastic fly agarics in a wood twilight.

The baby will be pleased by a tasty table in an unusual situation.

Kid will continue acquaintance to fruit and vegetables, their various aromas and taste, appearance color, a forM. The child will gather from this considerable family event very much the important style of relationship between family members.

We it is obligatory let's dwell upon it because the moral person is shown in all and in the relation to the nature, and in the attitude towards the neighbor.

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In psychology

In psychology We want to look at the reality, through the development of a small human the AC.

So far we have analyzed periods of development of a child up to three years and reached the moment when he starts to realize that the things around him there the world.

Many parents face in this age with the problem mouth setting boundaries.

In psychology there is a concept of terrible two the horror ing a twoyear age.

This is the first complicated, when kids all the time say ' no', and with what not agree.

Then this has been repeated in teenage period.

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Yes, but how this

Yes, but how this She needs to talk with the child taking into account the two sides, from both directions, and to explain to him that this can to do, and it is impossible, even if before it is innocent the baby.

Yes, but how this develops love for neighbor?

He begins to feel that you need to open attitude to people through two channels good and evil.

And then in the same way he will treat environment, because the mother is also Wednesday, the related good and bad.

And then he will be easy to enter in any society.

So, you have to first install the limits?

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Material', on six boxes

Material', on six boxes Track exercise for eyes where the butterfly departed.

To raise eyes up, from top to bottom, to the right, to the left.

Distinction of smells Purposes to develop feelings of sense of smell; to learn to compare smells, to distinguish them and to call that it; to develop the speech.

Material', on six boxes in two boxes about sharply groin nushchy substances coffee, garlic, orange, spirits, lekarst va a valerian.

Preliminary work individually each child to teach how to smell, inhaling through a nose, to compare smells.

Occupation course Children get up in a circle, hands are built one after another, on a belt, go, putting a heel to a sock.

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When the fire

When the fire And we with the grandfather will cut off him on the other hand ordered the man also disappeared together with the grandfather in a smoke.

Fire managed to be put out by a lunch.

Burned out small learning coast drain with young sosenka.

Fortunately, behind sosenka the stream flew, and fire was not thrown on the wood.

When the fire was extinguished, the grandfather ordered Now all on houses, I do not allow you to remain here.

Children silently curtailed tent, collected things and left together with the man.

The grandfather, I a fire did not extinguish yesterday it a prizna las Alina.

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  • If other participants agree with the offer, the one who was called by children, receives an additional counter a counter for additional merits there can be slightly bigger size or other color, than that, which is given out by the psychologist.Appendix THE CORRECTIONAL PROGRAM FOR WORK WITH HYPERACTIVE CHILDREN The approximate plan of carrying out occupations calculated on the first is given below halfyear.The detailed description of all stages is submitted only in the first and second occupations.Games and exercises which are given without description and which names occur in the plan the subsequent occupations, it is possible to find in our previous works of Lyutov E.
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