Children Kittens too the plane; from a reverse side buttons or flypapers.

It is better to make kittens of a dense thick woolen cloth, felt.

External the party is sheathed by other material of the suitable color corresponding colors of kittens.

Children joyfully bear kittens to mother and.

develop the inept fingers, trying to attach kittens on a panel.

The adult comments, prompts, a little bit helps.

There were my kittens!

They after all such small.

Thanks, children!

Murka speaks.

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Then driving

Then driving As soon as the ball is caught by the driving it is not important since summer or from a rebound from the earth, driving ig the fate shouts Shtander, a shtander stop!

, and all ostal ny players have to stand on a place.

Then driving calls quantity of steps to this or that ig fate can also approach it, taking steps to Ob the caught length.

Than more precisely driving to Oprah the distance delyatsya and than closer it will approach sya to the player, those his throw will be more exact.

There are some kinds of steps, in which the distance is measured.

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By means of this

By means of this When carrying out game the tutor watches that, that children did not stand still, and jumped.

If the playing more than people, it is possible to enter two driving.

By means of this game the tutor develops at ty dexterity, determination.

Children practise in long jumps from a place.

Do not remain on a floor on the earth Description of game In various places of a platform room, closer to its borders, subjects high are placed cm which children have to climb up ladders with steps, the boards put on an eminence low boxes, benches it is not less than cm of breadth ache.

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Grandfather's council. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . As Nina

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During games

During games Teacher's tasks Offering children of your class interactive games, you thereby give them absolutely special time.

During games children have opportunity to receive new impressions, get social experience also communicate with each other not as during the usual school at all lives.

Enrich your communication with warmheartedness, keenness and respect.

After carrying out games suggest children to analyse and discuss the experience got by theM. Every time emphasize the value of the conclusions drawn by children.

First offer games.

The more children with you will play, the they will be more often to ask you to hold some certain games which to them seem necessary now, for example We want such game in which it is possible to learn to settle disputes, etc.

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He can choose

He can choose At me everything perfectly turned out!

Instruction Sit down, please, in one general circle.

In the center of our circle we will put free chair.

I want to suggest you to play game under the name Friendly Interview.

One of you can sit down on the chair standing in the middle of a class if feels desire to answer some questions of friends.

He can choose on the discretion of two more pupils who in turn will set to it on one two questions.

For example That you love is?

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  • Because I also go, I beg that I cannot leave it, leave on earnings.The young man brought the hansky daughter to mountains, to a small cave.Here we also live!it showed.In a cave there were naked walls, and on the earth, on a poor laying, the sick old woman lay.Mother's young man as he got in the wife the hansky told daughter.Well, the sonny, the old woman sighed, and we not always were the poor.Your father was the rich merchant.Killed him razboyni ki, robbed, left us with you without penny.
  • The hedgehog approached a flower, broke petals, fastened them to himself on a back also started jumping up.When it jumped up very much highly, he shouted for pleasure I fly!I fly!But the butterfly told No, you do not fly yet!Suddenly the wind blew, picked up a hedgehog, and the hedgehog departed for oh barrel.The hedgehog was happy.Birthday of a hedgehog came, and all animals came to it in guests.And was not at home it, it flew with a butterfly.And when all animals saw the hedgehog flying on the sky together with a butterfly, they suddenly understood that it any more not a hedgehog, and poplar down.
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  • If other participants agree with the offer, the one who was called by children, receives an additional counter a counter for additional merits there can be slightly bigger size or other color, than that, which is given out by the psychologist.Appendix THE CORRECTIONAL PROGRAM FOR WORK WITH HYPERACTIVE CHILDREN The approximate plan of carrying out occupations calculated on the first is given below halfyear.The detailed description of all stages is submitted only in the first and second occupations.Games and exercises which are given without description and which names occur in the plan the subsequent occupations, it is possible to find in our previous works of Lyutov E.
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