The best

The best If someone from children was frightened, stop game at once.

Perhaps, your movements were frighteningly fast, or you did not acquaint the kid with attributes before game, and they caused in him such reaction.

The best exit to suggest the little coward most to become veterochok at game repetition.

The active and developed child too will like to be veteroch koM. If you leave a sultanchik at the disposal of children, somebody will surely want to play on own initiative with it and here already kids and then more!

again run, are turned among the gold leaf fall.

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We know

We know A person takes a phenomenon, respectable environment, as a fact.

We know that it happens and adults.

They accept repeat with regard to the ideas, even if they are wrong.


Therefore, in this form, we must teach children to the idea that the world is global.

Do you think that children years can feel a connection with her from above participants living in other countries and speaking different languages, only because they see them on the screen?

Part two Of course!

I saw my daughter took history, shown on television and theatre.

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Players All players get up in a circle, and the leader in the center of it circle.

Players start going around and perekida to vat each other a ball, it should not be late in odes hands it is more than seconds of theM. A problem of the driving to catch the ball while one participant will be his feather to kidyvat to another.

The player who will not catch a ball, so rises in a circle to the leader and tries to catch a ball.

When the ball takes off out of circle limits, both participants, and the leader can try Horavskh with balls Stock ball.

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This is Facebook, or have

This is Facebook, or have And on the other hand guides man to himself, stimulates narcissisM. Let's see the fragment where the teenagers talk about Facebook.

Interviewer are You talking about Facebook, as something superficial I know komlosi with a girl because she's a beautiful picture, or an update of the the legitimacy of his status I left home.

This is Facebook, or have other how to use it?


Facebook is very accessible.

I always know what is happening.

Human development from to For example, I was going to go to the Park, and I know through Facebook all more details on the event, mesto L.

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As you you will

As you you will Think up business, which you will make together with theM. Whether there can be actually at the person hundred true friends?

Whether it is worth checking specially the friends?

If at all people on the earth was on hundred friends, what there was a world?

Present that you have hundred computers or hundred cars.

As you you will dispose of the wealth?

Tell about any case from the life, when to you on loyal friends could.

V Written work Write a parable that loyal friends are dearer than any riches.

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Father We are responsible

Father We are responsible Father In advance could not tell You about a campaign to us, the sonny?

We did not know yours about plans, Already we booked the ticket.

Son I yours knew reaction, Therefore did not tell.

All of you equally would not let, All of you solved in advance.

Father We are responsible for you, Also all of us do loving.

When you grow up big, You will resolve an issue any.

Son Parents, I not chest, It is impossible to arrive so with me.

I have the opinion And I will manage to defend it.

Questions and tasks Who is right in this dialogue?

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  • Because I also go, I beg that I cannot leave it, leave on earnings.The young man brought the hansky daughter to mountains, to a small cave.Here we also live!it showed.In a cave there were naked walls, and on the earth, on a poor laying, the sick old woman lay.Mother's young man as he got in the wife the hansky told daughter.Well, the sonny, the old woman sighed, and we not always were the poor.Your father was the rich merchant.Killed him razboyni ki, robbed, left us with you without penny.
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  • If other participants agree with the offer, the one who was called by children, receives an additional counter a counter for additional merits there can be slightly bigger size or other color, than that, which is given out by the psychologist.Appendix THE CORRECTIONAL PROGRAM FOR WORK WITH HYPERACTIVE CHILDREN The approximate plan of carrying out occupations calculated on the first is given below halfyear.The detailed description of all stages is submitted only in the first and second occupations.Games and exercises which are given without description and which names occur in the plan the subsequent occupations, it is possible to find in our previous works of Lyutov E.
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